About us

Ciscom Engineers & Constructors
 is one of the leading agencies in India in the field of ‘Topographical Land Survey WorksContour Survey’ for depicting topographical features, spot levels, Contours and services details of development works viz. sewer lines, Water supply lines, Storm water drains, Reservoir etc.Main fields of specialization of the company cover Irrigation and Drainage,Hydro Power Plant Survey ,Flood Control and Land Reclamation, River Management, Dams, Reservoir Engineering and Barrages, Integrated Agriculture De
velopment, Watershed Management, Hydropower and Thermal Power Generation, Power Transmission and Distribution, Rural Electrification, Ground Water Exploration, Minor Irrigation, Water Supply and Sanitation (Rural and Urban), Environmental Engineering including Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit, Ports and Harbors and Inland Waterways, Rain Water Harvesting; Survey & Investigations, Human Resource Management, System Studies and Information Technology. CEC has also been venturing into newer fields such as City Development Plans, Quality Control and Construction Supervision, Roads & Bridges.

CEC spectrum of services covers a wide range of activities e.g. pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, simulation studies, diagnostic studies, socio-economic studies, master plans and regional development plans, field investigations, detailed engineering including designs, detailed specifications, tendering process, contract and construction management, commissioning and testing, operation & maintenance, quality assurance & management and human resource development.

CEC is worked on ethics and themes of Ministry of Water Resources utilizes the talent and expertise developed in the various organizations of Govt. of India and State Govts. CEC is responsible for providing quality time bound services to the clients which is the very essence of CEC operations.  CEC drives its strength from its human resources, which form the backbone of the organization. The consultancy services are carried out in 2 main Centers i.e. Water Resources, Power and Infrastructure. CEC has the in-built capability to provide a multidisciplinary project team comprising its own core of professionals and also working specialists from various Govt. of India organizations viz. Central Water Commission (CWC), Central Ground Water Board, Central Water and Power Research Station, Central Soil and Material Research Station (CSMRS) etc. and other State and Public Works Departments.  Company’s strong Human Resources Management has resulted in high turnover per employee.

CEC have successfully completed/on-going consultancy assignments  is registered with various international funding agencies for participating in the funded projects like World Bank/International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Asian Development Bank, CEC is currently engaged in providing consultancy services in India .

We handle all kinds of survey jobs including:
Topographical/Topographic Land Survey Works (Contour Survey), Hydrographic Survey, City Survey, Route Survey for Road & Railway Lines and Geodetic Surveying Hydraulic Power Projects, Public Health Water Supply & Sewer Lines, Gas and Oil Pipe Line, Thermal power Projects, Airports as Disposal Areas, Transmissions Lines. Irrigation Projects, Institutional Projects, Hotel Projects and Town Planning